EWG Verified Mark

Rejoice! If you read the tedious ingredients labels of personal products to weed out the few that have relatively safe ingredients (whether they be for bathing, sun protection, cosmetics, dental care), your shopping is going to get a lot simpler.

The Environmental Working Group is now offering EWG VERIFIED ™ labels on products that meet their Skin Deep® criteria. Skin Deep® examines the ingredients of products to see which may pose health risks. Those with little to no health risk score a 0, 1, or 2. Yet qualifying for the EWG VERIFIED ™ label requires further research:

EWG’s Skin Deep® rates products based on ingredients, an important indication to help determine the safety of products. EWG VERIFIED™ takes the Skin Deep® rating system one step further – by also asking companies to submit significantly more detailed information to help confirm that companies are making full disclosure to their consumers, that their products are adequately preserved and free of contaminants, and that manufacturing processes meet EWG’s rigorous criteria. Before a company is allowed to use the EWG VERIFIED™ mark, it must meet all of our criteria and provide additional information not found on the label – an effort to drive the market toward greater transparency.

At this time, there isn’t a list of qualifying products yet but the EWG does expect to have an inventory of products bearing the stamp. Several companies are gradually working with the EWG to get their qualifying products to carry the label. As someone who checks every product in the Skin Deep matrix before making a purchase, this is going to be a gamechanger for me.

As more companies request that their products carry the label, it will encourage other companies to reexamine their products and ingredients. The EWG hopes to become set the bar for a new standard, stating,

We hope one day the market will have transformed enough that every product on store shelves meet our rigorous criteria and proudly bear our mark. However, until then, Skin Deep® will still be around as a useful guide to help consumers find other products that work best for them.

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